The Callers

Commentators you might hear during a White Line Wireless broadcast include, but are not limited to:

Amy Bennett works in the arts but steadfastly advocates for sport, particularly cricket and sumo wrestling at every possible opportunity. Does radio @3mbsfinemusic and tweets from @NeutronGirl

Adam Collins cobbles a living together talking and writing about cricket for any enterprise willing to pay. His vaguely sensible words live at, with cussing at @collinsadam,

Anthony Condon  is working on his PhD thesis “Cricket and National Identity” and trying to tell the story of the history of Australia through cricket analogies. He also occasionally contributes to The Roar and makes a weekly video about the history of cricket and studying a PhD called Anth’s One Minute (and a bit) Week:

Tom Cowie is one of two bearded Toms at White Line Wireless who works as a journalist by day and commentates cricket by night. This one enjoys back-up wicketkeepers, sightscreen delays and being on air when things get a little blue in the third session. He tweets @tom_cowie.

Andrew Donnison has been part of the White Line Wireless team since the 2015 Ashes series.  He is half of the “A Sporting Discussion” podcast (@asd_podcast), tweets a range of nonsense (@Donno79) and enjoys dropping WWE references into his commentary wherever possible.

Julz Hay (@york_st) is a comedy producer, audio nerd and cricket tragic. During school holidays when all of her friends were at the beach she was sat on the hill at the WACA. She’s not a huge fan of sand.

Jonathan Howcroft writes and talks about sport for a living. If you hear an English accent on White Line Wireless, it’s probably his. He once showed Geoffrey Boycott how to access pirated football highlights on the shadier corners of the internet. Tweet him @JPHowcroft.

Cat Jones podcasts about cricket at @cantbowlthrow. She is an irreverent cricket tweeter (@cricketbatcat), co-author of cryptic cricket crosswords ( and the world’s leading writer on the precise topic of Meg Lanning’s commentary career.

Andy Lane makes television about fight sports and writes films about masked assassins. He couldn’t land a six stitcher on a pitch let alone a length but is more than happy to tell professional cricketers they are doing it all wrong. Occasionally tweets @lazybuddha.

Geoff Lemon debuted in India for the first White Line Wireless Test match. He talks about cricket on other radio stations and writes about it for anyone who’s interested. @GeoffLemonSport

Dan Liebke is a former Nathan Hauritz impersonator who steadfastly believes that funny cricket is infinitely superior to good cricket. He is a tweeter of Mitch and/or Marsh team breakdowns at @LiebCricket and everything else he writes inevitably shows up at

Ben Renick is just a regular Joe, with a regular job. An experienced club and pub cricketer who was raised on early 90’s cricket year books. Drawing on years of armchair analysis, Ben believes cricket, pop culture and satire all belong in the one place – the WLW commentary box.

Simon Wallace passed out from sunstroke at the MCG on the last day of the 1987 Test, as Whitney stonewalled Hadlee.  He has had many close relationships with transistor radios, often falling asleep with them, and wishes his day job as a corporate lawyer had more cricket.

Jonathan Woods, couch commentator, social cricket player, lover of the game of cricket in all its forms. Taking the cricket conversation from a pint at the pub to the WLW box of dreams. Tweets occasionally @currawoo.